About Mercedes

Mercedes is native New Yorker, born and raised.  Her entire life, she’s wanted to be an actress.  At the time, that career was one that was considered to be unattainable.  As a result, she attended college as a criminal justice major and pursued a career in law enforcement.   Mercedes was a member of the U.S. Army Military Police Corp. and a New York State Trooper thereafter.  After retiring, she decided that even though she is willing to travel anywhere for the right role; she would start in Los Angeles.  Finally going after the career in acting which still burned inside her, she arrived.  Since then, she began studying in Improv at UCBTLA, Scene Study at TVI and Richard Lawson Studio, Hosting at Carolyne Barry and Voiceover at Kalmenson & Kalmenson.  Mercedes has appeared on America’s Court with Judge Ross and in various films and theater productions.  She also has begun creating her own films under her own MSTEELEWORKS PRODUCTIONS, LLC.  Mercedes’ mantra is “Make It Happen”.